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Sex vines can boost the creativity

12-31-2014 - More than a year ago Twitter has released a mobile version of their app used for sharing short videos. This app was called Vine and the videos shared were called vines. This concept become really popular and since sharing sexually explicit materials is banned on this network, porn enthusiasts are using other platforms to create sexual vines.We are living in the world where people appreciate everything that is fast, short and clear. The same goes when it comes to porn too. Sexual vines allow users to create and share videos that last 6 seconds. This may sound like a really short period of time but the truth is that two decades ago people were enriching their sexual experience by view ... Read Post

Lesbian sex and sexual toys

Lesbian sex

08-12-2014 - Although many people think that human sexuality has only one form the truth is that there are many aspects of human sexuality. Of course, heterosexual intercourses are the most common form of satisfying sexual needs in adult people, but many people prefer some other forms of sexual activity in some cases all the time in other cases occasionally. Few decades ago, people who had need for other forms of sexual activity other than heterosexual activity were often called perverts by many experts. They were also called sick, abnormal, mentally ill and that they need psychological treatment in order to get back on “the right path”. Lesbianism was not an exception.The term lesbianism and lesbian, comes from the name of the Greek island Lesbos wh ... Read Post

Massage before sex good for amateurs

Amateur sex tips

08-12-2014 - Massage is a good way to relax after you had sex but it is also a good way to get excited before having sex. When we talk about massage that is part of the sex act we should look at it as a more intensive form of cuddling. The massage helps amateur couples explore and learn something more about their own body and the body of their partner. However, if they want to feel all the benefits of the massage including hot sex after the massage is finished there are some things that need to be present before the massage takes place – the person must be relaxed, must be focused on what he or she feels and the person must communicate with the person performing the massage the partner. The following is a guide to have a good massage before sex.Befor ... Read Post

Amateur Teen porn, more popular every day

Amateur Teen por amazing !

08-12-2014 - The advance of computer technology and the internet has brought a real revolution in our everyday lives. The internet had an impact on porn movies too. The porn has never been so easier to access and there wasn’t a time before when people had so many free porn just few clicks away. Amateur porn was always attractive although it is getting really popular in the past decade. People few decades ago were used to watch professional porn movies where pro porn actors and actresses were actually part of some story. Some of those movies were real masterpieces that actually had plots. Other professional porn movies had only story lines. Today people have cameras on all their mobile devices so making an amateur movie is easier than ever. For example, there are porn clips that last for few minutes m ... Read Post

What it means to be a swinger?

Are you a swinger couple ?

07-25-2014 - Swinger is a term used to describe a member of a very specific community. The easiest way to describe them is to say that they are participants in a group sex with couples in serious relationships. Swinging is based on the freedom of the body and doesn’t accept any limitations when it comes to sexuality. It covers a wide spectrum of different sexual activities that include three or more people. These activities sometimes may include voyeurism observing other people having sex or having sex knowing that someone is watching you,  kissing or having oral sex with a third or fourth person also known as soft swinging or even penetrating sex with a person other than your partner. The last one is usually the most common type of swinging. Typical swinging activities include spouses or other c ... Read Post

How to reach orgasms from anal sex?

Anal orgasms

07-23-2014 - There are more and more couples who are looking for answers for different questions regarding anal sex and many of them are practicing anal sex as part of their sexual routine because they are already aware of the benefits it brings.With the growing popularity of anal porn videos, the society has experienced the same thing that happened with oral sex. These two types of sex were considered to be a dirty form of sex for a long time. They were also considered to be unnatural and deviant but thanks to human curiosity, these taboos have started to weaken. Today anal sex and oral sex are not things that couples see only in movies, they are something that is happening in the beds of thousands of co ... Read Post

Best Anal Sex Toys

The best Anal sex toys and techniques

07-11-2014 - Sex toys can provide various sexual pleasures for both men and women of different sexual orientations. Many amateur couples discover the pleasures of anal sex for the first time by using anal sex toys. Anal sex toys can be divided in four major categories – butt plugs, anal beads, anal vibrators and dildos and prostate massagers. It is worth mentioning that sex toys that don’t have penetration limitation wide bottom can be easily lost in the anal cavity.Butt plugs are designed as sex toys that are supposed to stay in the anus during sex or masturbation. They are a type of toys that have the ability to expand their volume over a certain period of time and then gradually tighten until ... Read Post

Top 5 Fetishes in amateur sex fantasy

Amateur sex fantasy

06-28-2014 - Amateur sexual fantasy can boost the desire for sex not only emotionally but physically too. Desires are psychological things so thinking about sex before it actually happens can make this pleasant experience much more intensive. Dirty fantasies can lead to increased secretion of the so-called “hormone of happiness” – dopamine. This hormone can keep you longer in the constant state of being horny. Many sex therapists point out that stress affects our ability to achieve orgasm. This is why women and men should focus on fantasies whenever they can. Sex fantasies definitely lead to better sex. There is a huge difference between male and female sex fantasies and their fetishes. However there are some fetishes that are common for both men and women.The first one is span style="fon ... Read Post

Why Are Amateur Porn Videos so Popular?

Amateur Porn Videos

06-20-2014 - Amateur is actually a French word that literally means “lover of”. Today this word is used internationally and it is used to describe a person attached to a specific activity or study in a non-professional or unpaid way. This also means that they have no training in what they do. The same description applies for amateur porn too. People in amateur porn videos make those movies for their own pleasure without intention to get money for that. Amateur porn videos are getting really popular there are few reasons for that. For example, although amateur porn actors might know fewer sex positions and maybe don’t have the same stamina and energy when they shoot those videos but they are entering the whole thing without ... Read Post

Threesome Amateur Sex

Amateur Sex

05-30-2014 - People have always been interested in different sexual activities that sometimes involve more than two people. Whether we are talking about FFM two females and one male or MMF two males and one female, threesome amateur sex is fantasy that crossed our minds at least one in our lifetime. Although it is usually thought that men are the only one thinking about this kind of sexual fantasy according to some researches a lot of women also fantasize about that. Threesome amateur sex is actually a form of group sex, but unlike orgies where there are a lot more people involved, threesome sex is a little bit more intimate. In this sexual activity the people usually know each other well. In some cases it is one f ... Read Post

What is Amateur Porn ?

Amateur Porn

05-30-2014 - Porn movies have a lot of subcategories and amateur porn is one of them. Amateur porn usually features non-professional performers that are shooting these videosor images without pay or in some cases amateur actors that do that as a part time job only once for that video only. So unlike professional porn stars, these performers are not focused on the money and they look more natural which makes amateur porn so appealing. This subcategory of porn is one of the oldest and most popular genres of porn.Just like many other porn genres, amateur porn can come in several forms – photography, literature and of course movies. Shooting amateur porn movies was really difficult in the past because of the huge equipment needed to record a video. Furt ... Read Post

What does POV mean in porn?


05-30-2014 - Point of View POV is a term used to describe a specific movie scene that shows what a character is looking at through the view of the camera. It is most often established by being positioned between a shot of a character looking at something. In some cases the POV shot is taken over the shoulder of the character and this is known as third person POV. POV footage was first used when the directors had the opportunity to mount cameras in cars and airplanes in order to take viewers inside the action.When it comes to POV in porn, this shooting technique became popular some two decades ago with the advance of the camera technology. The cameras became smaller and they good resolution just enough to create POV movies or POV movie scenes shot from ... Read Post

Top 5 positions for anal sex

Anal sex the best

05-30-2014 - According to some statistics around 80% of the couples had anal sex once in their lifetime. Around half of the women said that they enjoy anal sex while 2 in 10 women practice anal sex just to keep their sex partner satisfied. The truth is that this percentage of satisfied women and women who enjoy anal sex would be much higher if their male partners knew how to practice anal sex in the right way. Just like vaginal sex there are many different positions that can make anal sex better and more exciting for both men and women. These are the best 5 positions for anal sex:Missionary positionThis is a we ... Read Post

Top 5 Sex Positions

Best sex positions

05-30-2014 - Keeping the spark alive in the relationship is important to ensure both you and your partner are happy. Sex is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or you’re bored with what’s been happening in the bedroom, here are the top 5 sex positions to guarantee you have the best orgasm possible.6969, or sixty-nine, is a popular sex position and is great for couples looking to spice things up. The way it works is each person’s genitals are lined up with the other persons mouth. Oral sex is performed and both people are able to enjoy the experience at the exact same time. ... Read Post

What does MILF mean?

We love MILF

05-30-2014 - An attractive older woman MILF. Acronym for “mom I’d like to fuck” or “mother I’d like to fuck”, in others words, a milf is a mother who is considered very attractive.If you have to ask what “MILF” means, you may be too young to hear the answer. The term “MILF” was made popular in the movie “American Pie” and was used in reference to Stifler’s mom. She was a blowsy blond who drank, smoked and was obviously up for whatever a young man could imagine.The term predates the movie, as MILF was found on news groups as early as 1995. It’s really pretty easy to explain what the term means without giving in to vulgarity. If you see a beautiful older w ... Read Post

Blowjob sex vines Advices: How do I give my BEST Blowjob ?

Sex Vines Advices

05-30-2014 - Blowjob sex vines advices. Pleasing your man with a great blow job is of prime importance if you want to fully satisfy your man and make him like putty in your hands, so pay close attention. When giving a great BJ you have to consider your blow job’s speed, rhythm, and pressure levels. These are the most critical elements.Here Blowjob sex vines advices tips :So many girls just want to pop it in and get it over with, but if you really want to make your man’s toes curl, pretend the tip of his penis is a lollipop and do the same thing you would if it was: lick it !!!Use your saliva. It’s a natural lubricant the wetter the better, ... Read Post

What is a Sex Vines ?

Sex Vines

05-30-2014 - Chances are you may have heard about another new social network that is supposedly gaining popularity pretty quickly on the web. It’s called Vine, and it was launched by Twitter.Vine is a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine 6 seconds or less inspires creativity. Now that you can easily capture motion and sound, we look forward to seeing what you create.That was the formal definition of a Vines, Ok?, so, we will use this creativity on one of more beautiful thing in the entire world, the Sex ! And we created a lot of Sex Vines and Porn Vines.You can ge ... Read Post

A wave of Porn Vines the new sensation on Twitter

Porn Sex Vines

05-30-2014 - Twitter employees are spending many hours trying to stop the porno wave which is published in Vines. First action was removing most popular hashtags, like #porn #sex #pornvines and others, from the search. But really stop the porn vines ?But all this effort was not reflected in Vines where every day there are more pornography, which leads us to think that all this time that Twitter said he was fighting in his new network porn video was nothing more than advertising for it.In we love and will continue posting porn videos on Vines! ... Read Post